Back To Eden Garden Tour June 2021 – Chatting Before The Tour – L2Survive with Thatnub

This is the Back to Eden garden tour Paul Gautschi gave on 6-20-21. Before the B2E tour starts Paul likes to chat up the folks who came early. They talk about creating a community garden, his trees, and his dogs.

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Going to see the Legend – Mick Dodge!

Time for a road trip! My good friend Mick Dodge, star of the National Geographic channel series The Legend of Mick Dodge, recently bought a training hall just south of Oregon; so naturally I had to go check it out 🙂 Mick has always been one of my mentors when it comes to movement, and I wanted to share some of his thoughts and opinions that have always resonated with me. Hopefully there will be more of this to come, so let me know in the comments if you have questions. Thanks for watching!

The first video I found of Mick:

The Legend of Mick Dodge:



Better than Self-Sorting: Home Mealworm Farm Overview

We have recently shifted away from our self sorting bins in favor of some new tools that have made our work WAY faster and easier. This video shows them in use as i run our mealworm farm through its twice a month sifting. If you want to grab any of this gear, check out the links below:

Space Coast Mealworms:

Pupae Sifting Tray –
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Sifters –



Finalizing the Chicken Moat Garden

Well folks, we finally finished our garden! Check out the final steps that took us over the finish line, including the CHICKEN TUNNEL!!! 🙂


DIY Eco-Friendly Insect Garden Spray

These two ingredients can fix several issues in the garden, without the use of poisons.


Setting a Sturdy Post: Easy Dry Pour Method

The fences for our chicken moat garden are coming along nicely. Check out how easy it is to set a fence post in this video 🙂


Sorting Pupae from Mealworms: The Easy Way

10 minutes of work now done in 30 seconds! Check out this video to learn more about my new favorite tool: the Space Coast Mealworm pupae sifting tray.

Want more information, or want to buy your own? Check out the links below:

More info –

Pupae Sifting Tray –

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Easy DIY 4×4 Raised Garden Bed

A quick 30 minute project to make dome raised planting space in our garden. Good luck!


Elk sighting in Oregon

I love when the elk make an appearance 🙂

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DIY Self Sorting Mealworm Farm

How to build a cheap, simple way to grow your own mealworms at home. Great for small to mid operations. Enjoy!