Economy Expert on What’s Coming Next & How to PREVENT a Collapse | @Glenn Beck

Carol Roth, a former investment banker and author of ‘The War On Small Business,’ tells Glenn the current driver of today’s skyrocketing inflation is monetary and fiscal policies from the last two years. Those in the power seat are treating the economy as if it has an on/off switch, and they failed to prepare for massive disruptions to the labor force and supply chain systems from the COVID pandemic, she says. And, to make matters worse, the Federal Reserve printed and pumped trillions of dollars into our economy. So, what’s next? Roth predicts how inflation will continue to affect Americans, and she urges listeners to do the OPPOSITE of what far-left politicians hope you’ll do: ‘You need to take that playbook and FLIP it on its head — whatever they don’t want you to do, you need to do it. WATCH more Glenn Beck:

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