EP1: “Promise of Eternal Life”

The great and abominable church would have you believe there is only heaven or hell and that you won’t know which one you’ll be in until you get there. They teach this to protect their own power. They claim to be the only ones who know the truth path to heaven. But how do you know if their path is the right one? How can you verify their claims if you can’t know for sure until the next life?

The truth is that you can know in this life by receiving the promise of eternal life from the Lord in this life. But very few gentiles with access to the Bible understand this doctrine because it was removed by the great and abominable church. The loss of this doctrine has brought them into captivity…

Thankfully this doctrine was restored in the Book of Mormon. But unfortunately, very few people who have access to the Book of Mormon understand this doctrine either, which is sad because it is one of the most beautiful, inspiring, and hope filled parts of the fulness of gospel.

You can know where you stand with the Lord in this life. He has given us the way.