EXCLUSIVE: Here’s Proof That Joe Biden’s Family OWNED SLAVES | The Glenn Beck Program

No one should be held accountable for the sins of their ancestors. But that is NOT what the Left is doing, or what Joe Biden & Kamala Harris are campaigning on. The Leftist cancel culture has taken aim at our entire country & founding because of our history with slavery. And they viciously dug into every corner of President Trump’s lineage to try and find anything they could call out. But do they care at all about Joe Biden’s lineage? One of the most respected genealogy firms in the country has provided me with hard evidence that Biden is a descendent of slaveowners on the Robinette side of his family. You can’t hold Biden accountable for that. But by the Left’s own track record, they should cancel him immediately. So what are the odds that they will even acknowledge this story? WATCH more Glenn Beck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyYxcN0CXW4

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