FOR REAL!? Did TikTok Really Troll the Trump Tulsa Rally? | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 561

President Trump held his first rally in Tulsa since the outbreak of the coronavirus. While he was disappointed that the arena was not filled as expected, is there more to the story? Did members of TikTok play a prank on Trump by claiming a lot of the tickets? Or were people still nervous about being in a crowd during COVID-19? Either way, the media is quickly pointing out how the attendance numbers were smaller than expected. But should we remind them of Joe Biden’s rally? Seattle’s CHOP (formerly known as CHAZ) has started to break out into violence with two people recently shot. And the leader of CHOP is shocked that EMTs aren’t in any hurry to get into the autonomous zone without police presence. Trump tells Dr. Fauci that the NFL season will go on despite the coronavirus. And lastly, Brett Favre gives Colin Kaepernick hero status.

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