Level IV Armored Plates at a Distance! RMA 1165 Series

Testing RMA’s 1165 series Level IV armor plates against 308, .22-250, 30.06 M2AP, and even .338 Lapua Magnum! Use code “RMAMay” currently for 10% off at https://alnk.to/4fQgXuR

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0:00 RMA Level IV 1165 Plates
0:44 KIR Ammo
1:27 Clear Ballistics at 250 Yards
1:39 Adams Arms Small Frame 308
3:47 LaRue Siete .22-250
5:29 M1 Garand 30.06 M2AP
6:11 Savage 110BA .338 Lapua Magnum
7:24 OkayIluvyoubyebye!

This test is for educational purposes and is specifically filmed and produced in accordance with YouTube’s community guidelines. Dustin is a certified, licensed, and insured firearms instructor. Everything was filmed on an OFFICIAL GUN RANGE and closed range with all the proper safety precautions. Do not attempt to duplicate anything yourself.