Aaronic Priesthood Origins

In this interview with Michael Barrett (Restored Gospel Podcast), we discuss some theories, ideas, facts and hypotheses surrounding the Aaronic priesthood. Where did the Aaronic priesthood come from? What does the documentary hypothesis suggest about the legitimacy of the Aaronic priesthood claims? Why don’t the earliest versions of the Moses story contain the parts about Aaron and his lineage having special rights? Who wrote the biblical parts of the story of Aaron, and when? Why does the Book of Mormon support the concept of the priesthood of Aaron?

For the full interview, go here: https://restoredgospelpodcast.buzzsprout.com/353171/10586845-175-interview-with-mark-curtis-from-hemlock-knots

0:45 Aaronic priesthood in the scriptures
2:29 The Holy Order & the High Priesthood
3:03 Overview of the Documentary Hypothesis & additions from “The Priestly (P) Source”
8:25 Early LDS historical references & influences to the Aaronic priesthood
9:30 “Priestly (P)” source compared to the earlier “Yahwist (J)” and “Elohist (E)” sources
10:44 King David’s involvement in early Aaronic priesthood roots
12:48 Were Moses & Aaron even brothers?
14:38 Plain & precious things, Book of Mormon
19:27 Book of Mormon, law of Moses, Lehi’s sacrifice as a non-Levite/Aaronite
23:38 Hebrews 5-9 and what it says about the priesthood of Aaron
25:34 Priesthood “offices”
29:49 New doctrine added to the 1835 Doctrine & Covenants (107