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Elijah’s Visit in 1836: Fact or Fiction?

According to modern LDS church history, heavenly permission to engage in eternal (and even polygamous) marriages came during an April 3, 1836 appearance from the angel Elijah shortly after the Kirtland chapel dedication. Did people immediately speak or write about this big news? Did the people immediately begin to obey the instructions? Was Joseph Smith […]

Did Joseph Smith Teach Polygamy? Live Debate

Despite the plethora of public condemnations of polygamy during his lifetime, some believe that Joseph Smith was still teaching in private that polygamy was a commandment from God. Did he aver teach it? Did he ever write about it? Did he ever receive a revelation about it? Since there’s no first-hand material from Joseph Smith […]

Baptisms for the Dead?

Where did this concept of “baptisms for the dead” originate? Who started it? When and where were the first time baptisms for the dead practiced? When was this doctrine officially added to the teachings of the scriptures? Is the idea with baptisms for the dead compatible with other scriptural teachings on the atonement? These questions […]

New & Everlasting Covenant… of Marriage?

Explore the documentation behind the claim that marriage for eternity is a requirement for the celestial kingdom. What is the new and everlasting covenant? How has the new and everlasting covenant evolved in LDS church history, and was marriage part of that covenant initially? How did the saints break the covenant 12 years before it […]

Aaronic Priesthood Origins

In this interview with Michael Barrett (Restored Gospel Podcast), we discuss some theories, ideas, facts and hypotheses surrounding the Aaronic priesthood. Where did the Aaronic priesthood come from? What does the documentary hypothesis suggest about the legitimacy of the Aaronic priesthood claims? Why don’t the earliest versions of the Moses story contain the parts about […]