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Conceal Carrying A Suppressor – The Sidecar SD Attachment

Have you ever wanted to carry a suppressor for your handgun in a way that could be quickly and easily deployed? Well now you can! It started off as a joke but then turned into a real product concept. Introducing the Sidecar Suppressor attachment, or the Sidecar SD. 00:00 Asset Retrieval 01:27 Introduction to Pistol […]

Get Better At Shooting, Without Shooting! – How To Shoot Part 4

Lucas and Brantley discuss their perspective on dry fire, what’s useful, and what’s not. 00:00 Intro 00:22 More To Dry Fire Than You Think 02:51 Starting Equipment 07:19 Introducing Brantley 08:31 Consistent Draw 09:26 Proper Index 10:48 Grip Pressure 11:57 Trigger Press 13:27 Target Transitions 15:48 Caution With Training Aids 17:42 Don’t Cheat Yourself 19:49 […]

Is Daniel Defense Anti-2A?

In this video, Lucas shares our recent experience at Daniel Defense meeting with the new CEO and his team. He also discusses our philosophy of identifying allies in the citizen defense industry. 00:00 Intro 01:42 Lucas Background and Philosophy 04:30 Meeting Daniel Defense at SHOT Show 2024 08:50 Day 1 Tour of Daniel Defense and […]