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Philadelphia Man Robs WAWA Armed with a NEEDLE

Was it a high capacity assault NEEDLE?!? Philadelphia Police Department released security footage from a WAWA convenience store that was robbed by a man armed with a needle. The unidentified man approached the cashier counter demanding cash and threatening the employee with the sharp instrument. The employee complied with the man’s commands and gave the […]

China: Hundreds Protest Communist Censorship by Holding Up Papers Saying… Nothing

Hundreds, potentially thousands, have protested against communism throughout China this week by holding up blank pieces of paper, symbols representing everything the government allows them to say without fear. The “white paper” protests are part of a larger movement against dictator Xi Jinping, the Communist Party, and the implementation of brutal “zero-Covid” lockdowns and camp […]

Protesters in Shanghai Demand Xi Jinping “Step Down”

A crowd protesting in Shanghai on Sunday called for the Chinese Communist Party and dictator Xi Jinping to “step down.” The protest took place on Middle Urumqi Road, which is named after the capital of East Turkistan where some estimate as many as 50 people died in an apartment building fire last week, sparking, many […]

Heart-Pounding Moment Suspect AMBUSHES Police by Hiding Under Mattress

On November 15, Oklahoma City Police became aware that suspect Timothy Johnson was in Oklahoma with an out-of-state felony warrant. Johnson was seen entering a trailer home and had yet to be seen leaving. Officers received permission to search the trailer home for the suspect and while searching underneath a mattress, police discovered Johnson hiding […]

HORROR! Mom Finds Hidden Camera Husband Allegedly Placed in Her Daughter's Shower

A horror story unfolded in Nashville, Tennessee, the week before Thanksgiving. A woman found a hidden camera disguised in a light outlet above her 16-year-old daughter’s shower. She reportedly called her husband with police listening on the line, and her husband, Horacio Minero-Hernandez, allegedly admitted to placing the camera there. Police have taken the man […]

Anti-Lockdown Protests Break Out Across China

MASSIVE UNREST – Videos shared by multiple, verified accounts on Twitter show violence and chaos as the Chinese people reportedly stand up against the Chinese Communist government’s dictatorial zero-Covid policy. Due to the closed nature of Chinese Communist media, Breitbart News is not able to verify every video in this compilation.