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America Must Be Colorblind | 5-Minute Video

Should we judge people by the color of their skin or by their actions? The answer to this question was once obvious. Not anymore. Andre Archie, professor of philosophy at Colorado State University, explains why. Become a member of this channel to support PragerU: https://l.prageru.com/3QUqK4q 📲 Download the FREE PragerU app: https://prageru.onelink.me/3bas/vgyxvm79 Script: America must […]


California has just increased the minimum wage for fast food workers to $20/hour. What’s the logic behind this? What will happen? Essential economic lessons about minimum wage will help you understand the arguments around this issue, and we’ve compiled some of our most interesting & insightful videos on the topic in this video marathon. Enjoy! […]

Gender and the War on Common Sense | Fireside Chat Ep. 335

See the full episode: https://l.prageru.com/3U6Ceog According to a high school teacher, a student’s statement that “only women menstruate” is merely an opinion. Why are we told to “follow the science” but then mandated to ignore basic biology? As common sense takes a backseat to subjectivity, we are witnessing the death of truth in our culture. […]