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DEI Must DIE | 5 Minute Videos

Are toys racist? David Johnson had never thought about it when he landed his dream job at a major toy company. Then he encountered DEI, and everything changed. See more here: https://l.prageru.com/3XUM7YC 📲 Download the FREE PragerU app: https://prageru.onelink.me/3bas/vgyxvm79 Script: Growing up in New York, you could say I was a “default liberal.” My political […]

Does Free Speech Offend You? | Marathons

Freedom of speech is under assault in America—suppressed everywhere from college campuses to the online public square by Big Tech censors masquerading as “fact-checkers.” Americans used to value the free exchange of ideas, but young people today demand any speech they disagree with be banned. Stand up to the cancel culture mob and watch this […]