Burger King TROLLS Chick-Fil-A with LGBTQ+ Sandwich – Will & Amala React

0:00 – The BEST Spongebob Impressions You Will EVER See
0:44 – Nickelodeon’s Drag Queen Commercial
9:42 – How PragerU Is Fighting Indoctrination with PREP
11:56 – Burger King’s LGBTQ+ Whopper to Troll Chick-Fil-A
27:42 – National Geographic’s “Race Card” Project
42:56 – HELP US on Tomorrow’s Important Stream
43:38 – A Listener Question About Marriage

On today’s stream, Will & Amala react to Burger King launching new campaign that donates to a LGBTQ+ pride organization, Nickelodeon’s LGBTQ+ pride song presented by a drag queen, and National Geographic highlights their “Race Card Project.”

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Burger King TROLLS Chic-Fil-A w/ LGBTQ+ Sandwich

Nickelodeon Drag Queen

National Geographic’s Race Card Project

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