Elijah’s Visit in 1836: Fact or Fiction?

According to modern LDS church history, heavenly permission to engage in eternal (and even polygamous) marriages came during an April 3, 1836 appearance from the angel Elijah shortly after the Kirtland chapel dedication. Did people immediately speak or write about this big news? Did the people immediately begin to obey the instructions? Was Joseph Smith even aware of this glorious angelic visit, or did he continue throughout his life to prophesy that Elijah would come in the future, completely forgetting that he already came? Who wrote this account in D&C 110? When? Why? How did it get into the modern scriptures? What was this “revelation” used to justify among Brigham Young’s Utah saints?

What do you think? Is the D&C 110 story fact or fiction? Vote here: https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxZAlZriLOpEyQhn8okB0w3d5ttydecFeB
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