Rachel Nichols CANCELED For Questioning ESPN Diversity Policy?

0:00 – Check Your Privilege
3:38 – School Teacher’s Privilege Walk
14:42 – AFT President Denies CRT is Being Taught in School
23:24 – Rachel Nichols Won’t Be Sidelining the NBA Finals
33:01 – Leftist Energy Cutting Study
37:39 – California Blackouts?
42:56 – Will and Amala at the Daily Wire

Will and Amala are back reacting to the ESPN Cancel Culture, crazy energy saving solutions, and California’s summer blackouts. Tune in, follow Will and Amala on social media, share with your friends, and drop your thoughts down below!

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Rachel Nichols Won’t Be Sidelining the NBA Finals

Study: Americans Need to Cut Energy Use By 90%, Live in 640 SQFT House, & Fly Once Every 3 Years

California Scrambles to Find Electricity This Summer as Blackout Risks Grow

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