Thomas Jefferson Statue REMOVED From NYC City Hall – Will & Amala LIVE

0:00 – NYC City Hall Press Conference
1:54 – Nick Searcy Discusses Jan 6 Documentary “Capitol Punishment”
14:45 – JK Rowling Doxxed for Acknowledging Biology
24:58 – Whoopi Goldberg Calls Rittenhouse a “Murderer”
31:30 – Amber Ruffin Cries Over Rittenhouse Verdict
45:36 – Thomas Jefferson Statue Removed from NYC City Hall
58:15 – Catholic University Depicts George Floyd as Jesus Christ
1:04:45 – TikTok Tuesday

On today’s show: NYC removes a 187 year-old Thomas Jefferson statue, JK Rowling is doxxed for acknowledging biological sex, and Whoopi Goldberg and Amber Ruffin become the latest pundits to attack Kyle Rittenhouse. Plus Nick Searcy joins to discuss his new documentary “Capitol Punishment” about January 6, TikTok Tuesday, and more!

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