Was Joseph Smith Really A Polygamist? Live Debate

Did Joseph Smith practice polygamy or didn’t he? If he did, where’s the evidence? How reliable is it? And why are there so many accounts stating that he did, but so few are contemporary? These are the questions that’ll polarize those who study the life and teachings of Joseph Smith. What are the strongest arguments for Joseph Smith being a polygamist? What are the best sources that suggest he wasn’t? This debate will answer these questions and more, in a structured, civil conversation about a complex question.

This is part 1 of the polygamy debate series. For part 2 (Did Joseph Smith Teach Polygamy?), where we debate whether or not he taught polygamy, see https://youtu.be/dm5aUNxzGk0.

Live stream debate includes 2 teams:
1) Affirmative team = Mark Tensmeyer & Jacob Vidrine
2) Negative team = Jeremy Hoop & Leo Ebbert