Who Wrote D&C 132?

Part 3 of an interview between Ryan Hinckley (host of the “Mormon Theories” podcast) and Mark Curtis (Hemlock Knots), exploring the origins of the alleged July 12, 1843 revelation known today as D&C 132. Was it from Joseph Smith? Who wrote it? Where was it kept and why wasn’t it shared with the saints for 9 years? What doctrines did it change? Does it match the writing style, tone, syntax and communication style of Joseph Smith or the voice used in former revelations?

What do you think about D&C 132? Is it what it claims to be? Let us know in the comments.

0:20 – JSP’s entry of July 12, 1843
1:10 – Basic timeline walk-through beginning – Joseph Kingsbury’s handwriting
1:19 – William Law’s recollection of D&C 132 being originally shorter, but generally similar in content
2:30 – When did the saints learn about the D&C 132 revelation?
4:28 – What doctrines did D&C 132 change or redefine? Everlasting covenant, marriage, how to gain exaltation, sins being allowed
5:14 – D&C 132’s threatening tone in contrast to other revelations
5:46 – Enid Debarthe’s handwriting study of D&C 132 explored
6:52 – JSP document for July 12, 1843 journal entry analyzed (large gap in the entry)
9:22 – Story of Emma Smith burning the D&C 132 revelation
10:16 – D&C 132’s history – what does it mean to you?
11:05 – Joseph Kingsbury’s 45-minute error-free copy of D&C 132
11:59 – Who is Joseph Kingsbury (the scribe taking credit for the D&C 132 copy)?
12:25 – How does D&C 132 compare to the rest of the scriptures?

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