THE BEE WEEKLY: False Prophets and Babylon Bee Prophecies for 2022

In this episode of The Bee Weekly, Kyle is joined by Joel Berry and Adam Yenser to talk about what’s going on at the Bee and what the Bee is prophesying will happen in 2022. There’s the Weakly News with Adam Yenser and also Heroes of the Faith filled with classic false prophecies.

Be sure to check out Adam Yenser’s Cancelled News on YouTube:

The Bee writers discuss the changes at The Babylon Bee this week and talk about the banger and the bomb articles. Adam Yenser presents the Weakly News and then the guys discuss what the highly accurate Babylon Bee prophecies are predicting for 2022. In Heroes of the Faith, the guys discuss famous failed secular and religious prophets. Then the Bee guys read some hate mail from the week.

In the subscriber lounge, Kyle, Joel, and Adam discuss whether a hot dog is a sandwich and the ontological nature of the Kool-Aid Man.Subscriber Headlines of the Week are read and Joel Berry is subjected to a new list of Ten Questions.

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