Tyrus Hates Planet Fitness And Threatened To Punch Piers Morgan

Tyrus is back on The Babylon Bee to talk about his abiding hatred for Planet Fitness, how trans activists aren’t Rosa Parks, and threatening Piers Morgan.

The episode is brought to you by Alliance Defending Freedom: http://joinADF.com/bee

Previous appearance of Tyrus on the The Babylon Bee podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itS-JsUGFd0&t=839s

Tyrus now has a new show on OutKick called Maintaining With Tyrus. Available on Outkick.com, Facebook, X and YouTube: https://www.outkick.com/shows/maintaining-with-tyrus

Dates for Tyrus’ comedy tour: https://linktr.ee/tyrussmash

00:00:25 Tyrus is still the reigning champ with best punching story
00:01:51 Tyrus has thoughts on Planet fitness
00:05:10 Trans people aren’t Rosa Parks and the bubble rule
00:06:48 Tyrus has a new show on Outkick: Maintaining With Tyrus
00:08:27 You have to give a solution… did the bridge collapse from capitalism?
00:11:54 What’s The Deal With Don Lemon
00:17:08 Tyrus is taking full advantage of New York’s Squatters’ Rights Law
00:17:59 Tyrus on Biden Vs. Trump
00:22:40 Tyrus’ comedy tour and watch out for ‘Fake Tyrus’
00:30:32 What does Tyrus really think about Gutfeld?
00:32:03 Tyrus Threatened To Punch Piers Morgan In The Stomach